IMO 2010

Rafflesians continue to do the country and school proud at the 51st International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).

At the IMO, Ivan Loh Yao Chen (10SO6S) was awarded the silver medal and Vincent Brian Arifin Tjeng (10SO6O) an Honourable Mention. Ivan Loh also performed the best in the Singapore team, finishing in the top 12.5% of the contestants. While at the APMO, 10 students, of which 5 are Rafflesians, were selected to represent Singapore. Ivan Loh Yao Chen (10SO6S) was awarded Singapore’s only gold medal, Alan Aw Jin (11SO6J) the silver medal and Barry Tng Jia Hao (10SO6P) the bronze medal. Lee You Jun and Joseph Kuan Jun Jie from Year 4 were awarded honourable mentions.

Accompanying the students was Mr Lu Shang-Yi who was also appointed as the Deputy Leader of the team. Mr Thomas Teo and Mr Low Soo How were observers in the event.

Congratulations to the Rafflesians for the outstanding performance!

Team Singapore at the Airport. 2nd row: Vincent Brian Arifin Tjeng (1st from left), Ivan Loh Yao Chen (2nd from left), 1st row: Mr Low Soo How (2nd from left), Mr Lu Shang-Yi (3rd from left), Mr Thomas Teo (4th from left).

At the closing ceremony

Coordination of the students’ solutions

More coordination

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