National Team

Asia Pacific Mathematics Olympiad 2010

Congratulations to Ivan Loh Yao Chen, Alan Aw Jin, Tng Jia Hao Barry, Lee You Jun and Joseph Kuan Jun Jie for finishing in the Top 10. The Top 10 scripts will be sent for coordination and the individual awards known at a later date.

National Team 2010

The following students have been selected as part of the 24 students in the Singapore International Mathematics Olympiad National Team training:

1. Alan Aw Jin

2. Chee Chong Kit Nicholas

3. Ding Yue

4. Kang Zi Yang

5. Ke Yuxuan

6. Kuan Jun Jie Joseph

7. Li Er Lu Lawrence

8. Li Yao’an

9. Lee You Jun

10. Loh Yao Chen Ivan

11. Vincent Brian Arifin Tjeng

12. Tng Jia Hao Barry

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